Central Library

Our Central Library is one of the finest libraries, functioning in two floors with a huge floor area of 29,428 sqft. The whole library is air-conditioned with serene ambience and state of the art infrastructure which provides comfortable reading environment with resource material of the highest quality, to teach& learn skills needed for academic inquiry and lifelong learning to support faculty and Post Graduate Research, which is continuously being updated with new volumes of books and journals.

Library is enriched with a vast knowledge bank of 18277 medical and 6266 dental text and reference books. Digital library with 48 computers is provided with 960 CD- ROMS of medical and dental subjects.

The expanding clinical knowledge and the complexities of health care is a challenge for health care providers. Research, clinical knowledge & skills updating is essential in Health sciences education. To commensurate with current health care and research for our faculty and students the Institute has subscribed a total of 71 Dental journals of which 24 are Indian and 43 are international journals.

Library facilities with floor plan

Ground Floor

  • Library counter
  • Student’s baggage counter
  • Common reading room with 150 seating
  • silent study area with privacy cabins
  • UG Common reading room with 150 seating
  • Photocopying (Xerox)
  • Book binding
  • Internet facility

First Floor

  • PG reading room with 75 seating
  • Staff reading room with 30 seating
  • Journal Section with 30 seating
  • Digital Library with 48 computers and seating

Departmental Libraries

    All the departments of Mamata Medical College are provided with departmental libraries with adequate text and reference books for quick reference for faculty and postgraduates.

Library – Working Hours

09.00 AM to 12 PM Week days & 09.00 AM to 04 PM Holidays