Student Activities


  • The college has well disciplined student council functioning and the principal of institute nominates the students’ council and class representatives based on the academic performance. A student who excelled in the sports and active in cultural activities is nominated as general captain
  • Provide leadership in organizing quiz, elocution and essay writing competitions, sports and cultural activities,like 2k walk, diabetic day, aids day,peaceday, SwachhBharath campaigning.
  • To serve as a bridge between management and students and to maintain peace and harmony within and outside the campus.
  • Mostof the activities are funded by the management and the students’ council is free to collect from the students and spend.
  • There are student representatives on various academic and administrative committees and they actively participate in the decision-making process. They also involved in various committees of academic planning.
  • Their views are taken into considerations while chalking out programmes.

  • The following are the committees having student representation.
  • IQAC
  • Library advisory committee
  • Anti ragging committee
  • Cultural committee
  • Sports committee
  • Student Council Members

    The following students are elected to the students’ council for the academic year 2021-22
    1. President – Dr. Harshitha
    2. Vice-President - Dr Shashant
    3. Member - J Bhargavi (Intern)
    4. Member – Sreevani (IV Year)
    5. Member – Raviteja(IV Year)
    6. Member – Daniel (III Year)
    7. Member – L Jahnavi (II Year)