Medical and Dental Skill Labs

The Management of MES took the initiative to provide one of the most advanced medical and dental comprehensive Skill labs which provides a safe learning experience to all the Dental students an opportunity to learn professional skills on training manikins in clinical / controlled environment

The Skill lab creates artificial models of human bodies, complete with organs and bodily functions have enabled professors to teach new techniques and procedures including specialized courses. The faculty help the students to enhance & enlighten the hands-on experience our models to serve for the best clinical experience in the future.

A sure sign of any organization’s growth is the amount of time and efforts it dedicates in keeping a track of the past activities and future plans. Labs and Museum are treasures of riches that need to be safe guarded for the future reference. The specimens in the museums provide immensely useful information for the students as do the labs where the students conduct experiments. The College lays enough stress on upgrading the specimen collection in the museums and Laboratories regularly.