Vision & Mission


(A written statement of the learning rights and obligations of students)


The main aim of this program is to prepare teachers to address total potential of the child and to provide them with the values, attitudes and skills necessary to accomplish good oral and dental health.


To provide the inspiration and the training necessary to equip teachers:
1. To become example of these values, attitudes and skills
2. To be the upholders of high standards at all times
3. To be an inspiration and mentors to their students, parents and the community at large
4. To create and find the tools and processes necessary to accomplish the aim.
5. To self-assess progress
6. To commit to continuous improvement and learning with regard to good oral hygiene
7. To commit to sharing their findings with others.


The program was organized as a part of WORLD DENTIST DAY CELEBRATIONS on MARCH 6TH 2012 at MAMATA DENTAL COLLEGE.
The teachers were educated about oral care using various audio-visual aids such as posters , power point presentation and demonstration of proper brushing and flossing technique.
The message of good oral care is additionally reinforced through the distribution of attractively designed and user friendly patient education materials.
A total of 200 teachers participated in the actively in this program. The lecture on various aspects of oral health was delivered using a power point by the Head of the Department, Department Of Public Health Dentistry, Dr.K.V.N.R Pratap. After the lecture the teachers were taken to every department in the dental hospital and were educated about various treatments provided in each department. The teachers were also screened and dental health cards were issued to them and treatment was also provided to the needful.
At the end of the program there was an interactive session with teachers regarding the program and their queries were answered. On the same occasion BEST SMILE, ELOCUTION and QUIZ competitions were conducted and the winners were awarded prizes.


School children are the best targets for any oral health program. Also it is in these young children that we can cultivate healthy lifestyles for a better tomorrow. The main area of concentration is Primary Prevention that is prevention of the disease before its onset through health education.


Goal: To achieve optimum oral health to the maximum number of school children in Khammam district .

1. Increase the proportion of school children benefiting from our Program every year
2. Increase awareness about the importance of oral health among school children.
3. Reduce the proportion of children with untreated dental decay to minimal.
4. Increase the proportion of caries free children in Khammam district.

Under this programme, the NSS UNIT of MAMATA DENTAL COLLEGE in collaboration with Colgate-Palmolive, India imparts dental health education to children in primary schools and distributes free tooth brushes and tooth pastes along with printed literature. Dental health education is imparted using Audio-Visual aids and importance of good oral hygiene is emphasized through this program.

Through these programs, NSS UNIT of MAMATA DENTAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL is putting smiles on the faces of thousands of underprivileged people in Khammam district, Andhra Pradesh, India.